Intuitive Massage, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Sound Therapy and Meditation

Able to intuitively connect with clients in a profound yet gentle way. Always maintaining a high level of integrity and respect.

I have worked in several wellbeing capacities from facilitator of a busy health retreat, Massage Therapies include, Master Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Hypnotherapy, Chakra Balancing, individual Crystal Sound Healing and Meditation groups. “Helping you to achieve less stress, relief and release in a holistic way, whether its emotional, physical, spiritual health and wellness is so important…

I feel it is important to do yourself a favour & experience the benefits of receiving a therapy that you are drawn to. “I love what I do and you feel it in the session”. Therapist since 1995 and owner of BodyBliss Margaret River since 2005.

“Sonya, your hands and arms are all encompassing , so remedial and intuitive to my needs. Love you.” – Morag, Intuitive Remedial Massage.

Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage

I am a qualified Remedial Therapist who loves massage and is interested in different holistic approaches to help rebalance body’s energy and to live healthier. I first enrolled to do Physiotherapy while I was in Italy but since when I moved to Australia few years ago I discovered an entire new world of massage therapy/techniques and I will always be furthering my studies to give my clients the best and most qualitative experience they could have.

EVERY body/person is different and has his/her unique balance.I endeavour to adapt the treatment to their bodies needs, connecting with a mind/body experience”.

You can also claim off private health insurance with me.

“Elena asked me what I needed and perfectly delivered – relaxation but loosen tension and tightness.  So happy I found you.”  Tiharna

Remedial massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Relaxation, Thai Massage, Trigger point therapy

Hi! My name is Nat, French Canadian who has fell in love with this beautiful country many years ago.

I have been working for BodyBliss for 2 years now and I love it. Before that I had been massaging around the globe and from this my massage has been created from training in these countries and experiencing different cultures.

Some may recognise it a bit of Thai or Hawaiian but Swedish Remedial or pure Relaxation is what I am best at, whatever name you put to a treatment the most important for is to listen to your needs and release any areas of stress and tension from the moment you come and see me.  To feel your energy and what you body is telling me, from there listen to my intuition and let my hands give you 100% attention, care and love!

“My first time! I honestly have left feeling like this was the best massage ever done to me! Thank-you Nat. I am highly looking forward to my next trip here in Margaret River to pay you a a visit.  Thank-you also to the very friendly staff for making me feel so very welcome. I will be sure to tell EVERYONE about BodyBliss Margaret River!” – Selva

Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic Treatments, Deep Tissue Massage, An Mo Massage

I am dedicated to serving others and massage is one of my favourite tools to help and support individuals in their quest for wellbeing and growth.

I am passionate about holistic health and have a capacity to connect to what people and their bodies want and need.

Intuitive, deep or feather touch massages … I love them all and find they are a beautiful gift to people willing to receive !

“I never realised how much my body craved soft touch until I received Lise’s An Mo massage. It was like being caressed by an angel’s feather” – Marie

Remedial Massage, Deep tissue Massage, Trigger point therapy, Therapeutic Treatments

Originally from Britain, I completed my Higher National Diploma in 2011 in the UK. Studying all advanced level treatments from Micro-dermabraisions to Reflexology, Sports and Aromatherapy Massage to Waxing, Facials and Nail treatments. Later being taught Thai Massage in Chaing Mai in 2012 and regular Theory study with a Physiotherapist in Margaret River in the last few years.

My favourite most rewarding treatment to offer is massage and Facials to R E L A X! Everyone in the world knows massage in all its beautiful forms, and many benefits that come with getting regular massage. Using the sense of touch is a powerful way of exchanging stress into relaxation (physically and emotionally).

“I have worked with the great team at BodyBliss Margaret River since Nov 2017 and I couldn’t be happier, it is the perfect environment to give our clients the full experience.”

Aroma Touch, Reconnective Healing, Facial Therapy, Intuitive Massage

I feel very reverent about massage and it a privilege every time a body is put in my hands.
I am passionate about the complex, vulnerable magnificence of our bodies, as vessel for our every experience.
I have a keen interest in human potential and see our bodies as the foundation for all personal development and evolvement..
My speciality is the Aroma Touch and i was lucky enough to be trained by Dr David Hill – the creator of this profound, theraputic, delicious technique.
The combination of the purest essential oils with out of this world aroma, deep foot work and gentle, firm movements up the spine and over the head and ears – is pure bliss.
Body Bliss is the perfect place for this technique.
I also do an “energetic massage” called Reconnective Healing..
Potent non physical touch that can be equally theraputic on all levels.
Since joining the team here, I am rediscovering my love for the added elements of more classic relaxation massage as well as the gentle, potency of facial therapies.

I appreciate every life I get to touch.