Isn’t it amazing that we often recall bad service or experiences more easily than we do good ones?

It is sad but true that the world is filled with establishments that are promising to relax and pamper you. Unfortunately, there is so little nurturing going on it the busy salons and spas these days that the real purpose of this whole industry is overlooked and sadly commercialised.

We want to restore the faith of those people and show them that there are genuine therapists out there with truly the clients best interest at heart.

Doing this will not only send out a wonderful healing energy to our clients, but that energy will also return to us as therapists in an instant so that everyone benefit from giving these therapies as much as we do!

True nurturing is a beautiful experience that one remembers more easily than a bad one.

BodyBliss Margaret River strives to instil a deep grounded Concept of Care to everyone who receives our treatments. Our sincerity with caring, and patience with our touch, will leave you in a pure state of bliss and will leave you talking about the wonderful experience for a long time after you have been to BodyBliss and our testimonials profess this. So we want to re-ignite your passion for people, and our enthusiasm for our profession.

Prior to receiving a massage the most asked question is about the type of pressure, fearing they will receive a tickle instead. Please be rest assured, we are fully trained massage therapists, we are not beauticians you will definitely receive what you want and more!!!

The most common thing mentioned after a session is everyone is sooooo r-e-l-a-x-e-d and in a state that is free of stress and tension, muscular, physically and emotionally and “oh all the extras” “like the cocooning with the warm towels, the hot towels on the back, the nurturing and attention to detail…” with big smiles on their faces.

It is a fabulous feeling of being part of giving and seeing the happiness and relief in everyone’s faces afterwards, as therapists that is the most rewarding job.