Bodybliss Margaret River is equal parts of unique, intuitive, creative and connecting with the heart. We are sure you will find something that suits what you need for you or your friends on this informative up to date website.

So the Holistic studios space is the crux of what we do. We are such a visual beings so we need to be surrounded by inspirational and beautiful things, and things that speak to us and that’s how we like it. When we come to your accommodation we provide everything to help you relax and let go, creating the similar surroundings and feelings for sure, and best thing is you can just stay where you are and totally let go for as long as you need!

Bodybliss is a one stop shop for wellness, inspiration, balance and letting go, our aim is never to become predictable in with what we do in terms of our quest for making you feel like the most special person and you are valued! therefore receiving the best possible treatment, guaranteed. We live in such a materialistic world – how big – the latest – the greatest – the busiest – argh stress! For us it’s about where we come from when we do it and making a difference to you, respect & kindness are the keys to this.

We are just such talented therapists doing awesome treatments. Sharing the love and honouring you is what we do. (Check out our testimonials page until we totally surrender to social mediargh)

In all honesty I have been procrastinating over writing this blog for quite some time. Embracing the social media promotion has always been something I have found challenging. This is not to suggest I don’t want to write to you all. Its just so the “norm” nowadays, but I do wish to get it out there in the ethos for those of you that haven’t heard of us as you are totally missing out! Also another factor of the delay is due to feeling overwhelmed by everything that has happened over the last 8 years or more and what I have to say, how do you say it in a short and sweet fashion you just can’t!

Bodybliss Margaret River has been operating for over 8 years, it seems to be a turning point for all of us here, we finally feel like we have gotten ourselves into some kind of groove with the way we just enjoy what we do! We are now able to think clearly about where we are and where we are going because of our beautiful therapists and incredible service. I am so proud of the end result. I think this will be one of my favourite years ever.

As I have said we specialise In being unique… there is no reception, that’s why we are by appointment only, so there is no noise, we encourage you to have no conversation during the massage, we give you the time to reflect after the massage, we don’t promote products and force you into buying anything! Horay! we endeavour to fit you in on the same day, oh and we do couples massage which is really special as many couples often forget that they are celebrating their relationship and once they have had their massage they are reminded what it feels like to be out of their heads and back in their bodies. Truly special thing for all of us, that is being out of our heads he he.

Talking about talented and awesome people, I always feel inspired to hunt for the best therapists possible and will not settle for just anything. Therapists that come from the heart and are intuitive as well as giving the best possible massage! We have 5 special therapists in total but lastly I would like to introduce you to our beautiful and super talented Megan. From therapist to manager she has been one of the loveliest people to work with. Her massage has always wowed and we can all agree here that Megan is a wonderful asset to bodybliss and is truly appreciated by all.

Much love until next time.

Sonya Dorant
Owner and massage therapist
Bodybliss Margaret River