Boranup Forest

Special Guest Therapist Clinics offering Holistic Health with Visiting Therapists

Please contact us to find out the dates of the next sessions available, which need to be pre-booked by appointment only.



Lauren Woodward – Neuro Training and Kinesiology

Lauren has recently moved from East Gippsland in Victoria to Margaret River.

Healing mind body and heart through your nervous system.

Taking her learning’s from Neuro Training and Kinesiology and combining them with her own intuitive natural ability.

In a one on one session Lauren is able to create positive change on a neurological level through your nervous system to release old patterns, habits, fears, beliefs, inherited or genetic barriers that’s maybe blocking you from your full potential as well as faster recuperation from injury or illness.

Help you better understand yourself by identifying & clearing o these patterns formed throughout life events & experiences which you may now find yourself consciously or unconsciously living.

Heal and Rejuvenate, Increase your energy, Find mental Clarity, Release Stress, Overcome anxiety, Resolve relationship issues and unleash your true inner self and feel revitalised with a new found confidence and passion for life.

Neuro-training? Never heard of it. So I didn’t know what to expect but I’m amazed and fascinated alike. Not only did I find the sessions itself very calming and relaxing but am surprised at the row of physical, mental as well as emotional benefits I got out of it. It has accelerated my recovery from pregnancy and childbirth, helped me let go of old resentments, feel calmer, communicate better, see clearer…. still amazed how already after the first session pictures and patterns in my head had all of a sudden changed. With her open and welcoming manner Lauren makes you feel at ease and I am very much looking forward to my next session with her.

~ Testimonial from Annie Schorie Williams



One-off session: $95
OR 6 sessions booked at $80 per session








Workshops – Coming Soon …

Sonya Dorant

I have worked in several wellbeing capacities from facilitator of a busy detox health retreat, for over 25 years I have practiced Reiki, have taught Reiki, I am also an Intuitive Massage Therapist, Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, taught Ayurvedic treatments to other therapists passionate about Sound Healing and Meditation.

Also owner of a successful Massage and Wellness Centre Body Bliss Margaret River since 2005. I am passionate about inspiring others to find inner peace and self awareness to heal and grow and allow you to connect with what will make your heart sing as we have all been given gifts to shine.

These healing modality workshops will significantly raise your vibration and give healing along the way. Where you will learn simple techniques on how to heal yourself and others with hands on healing using Sacred Reiki Symbols and Crystals. It will help to clear out the energetic blocks and lack in your life, as you journey from Abundance to Unconditional Love.

Reiki I Workshop

Awakens the ancient wisdom and knowledge within us. In the workshop you will be shown hand placements, you will be taken through a sacred Reiki Ritual where you will receive four energy attunements, they are shifts of energy within yourself and you will be awakened and brought into alignment with universal healings. To be given a Reiki Symbol and shown how to use it. The benefits of Chakra colours and functions, the benefits of Crystals and Metaphysical discussion.
Cost $450 – This is a two day workshop

Reiki II Workshop

Opens you to receive more light and love into your being. Just like Reiki I will be taken through a sacred Reiki Ritual where you will receive the energy within yourself for empowerment, be shown 3 more Reiki Symbols and how to use them You will experience, distance/absent healing, be given tools to heal yourself in the past present and in the future. These are tools for healing the inner child, to balance chakras, to program crystal etc. You will experience the connection with your Reiki Spirit guide and more.
Cost $550 – This a two day workshop

Reiki III Workshop

Reiki Master, you will receive one Reiki energy attunement and be shown another Reiki Symbol. You will learn how to perform the sacred ritual and the process of it, creating a workshop and much, much more. Where Reiki I opens your awareness to the flow of Universal Life Energy. Reiki II enables you to enhance and expand on increasing that flow. If Reiki I is a current then Reiki II is a power line and Reiki III is a direct line.

Please SMS Sonya 0467 426 324 to book your place or ask any questions and I will call back or send confirmation of address details.

Want to lease the Spaces for your’e upcoming Workshop/Retreat/Sanctuary?

Settled amongst nature our spaces offer rooms with a welcoming and loving atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Our venue is perfectly suited for many small to mid sized seminars and workshops, meditation and personal development. It makes everyone instantly feel welcome and relaxed.

We have 3 different room sizes, one is 100sqm, the other 2 are 50 sqm, one being healing room and indoor/outdoor space, includes kitchen and bathroom facilities and outside benches to relax and unwind. It accommodates 10-15 students for yoga asana depending on your space preference, and much more for seated workshops and classes.

This is a great space for workshops, ongoing classes, continuing education classes, lectures meet ups, support groups and more. The space has great acoustics enhancing sound healing, It has good vibes and an ideal studio for all kinds of healing, growing and learning.

We can also advertise your workshop on our website to promote your workshop further.

Want to stay? for those holding the workshop we also offer a bed for one or two in the healing space.

We also have Harmony Forest across the road where your retreat clients may wish to stay.. We are in the process of building a Yoga Shed and having facilities for Glamping.

Please contact Sonya for more information and also about day or weekend rates for day & weekend sub-lease. For Workshops and Retreats here in magical Boronup Forest.

[email protected] or sms 0467 426 324