Organic Hydrating Facials – Massage Inspired Facials

Our Xquisite Organics range which is Macadamia nut based will nourish and deeply moisturise the skin leaving it with a fantastic natural glow.

Organic Hydrating Nourishing Facial

Surrender to our hour long facial achieving total relaxation and hydration. Your skin is encouraged to perform its natural functions of detoxification and promoter tissue repair cell growth and moisture retention. This facial includes face, neck, shoulder, hand, arm and foot massage.

60 mins  

Organic Deluxe Facial

A totally relaxing, cleansing and hydrating treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed from head to toes. Organic products are used that contain botanical ingredients, blending plant vitamins and plant and fruit extracts, a purely exquisite facial, includes cleanse, scrub, tone, dedicated reship facial massage and mask, followed by a face and neck hydration and an extended head, foot and hand massage.

90 mins  


Did you know we also do beautiful massage facial combinations? If you wish to see more information visit our  “Sublime Packages” section