This practise has been used in ancient Chinese, Hindu and Egyptian culture as cure for pain and colds.

It loses popularity in the 20th century when physicians regarded cupping as ineffectual medicine.

Nowadays it it commonly used all over the world with massage and acupuncture to increase the effectiveness.

What should we expect from a cupping session?

there are different kinds of Cups and procedures, so before book in please be sure to know everything about your session.

  • dry cold cupping, using plastic cups positioned on the skin and attached to the skin by the use of a pump to create the “suction effect” and lift the skin. Cups are left in position for 5-10mins
  • wet cupping, dry cupping is done for 5 mins then cups are removed and the skin pinched with a small needle to let the blood exit the skin and then cups are placed in position again to maximise the effect
  • massage cupping, first oil is applied on the skin, then cups are slowly moved along the affected area to massage muscles and work on the tension (as we do with MFR Massage)
  • needle cupping, this is an acupuncture treatment where needles are applied first then cups are positioned on top for 5-10mins
  • heat cupping, (using glass cups) a flame is introduces in the cup which then is positioned on the body; when the cool air enters the hot sup it create the “suction effect” and lifts the skin
  • silicone cupping, it is a gentle dry cupping where silicone cups minimise bruising

but the question is.. WHY book in for a cupping session?

the objects is to draw more blood to the surface of the skin to increase circulation and release muscle tension. Cups are placed on the body and left in place for 5-10 mins or moved to work on specific tension.

…and which are the BENEFITS?

  • increase circulation
  • increase oxygenation to muscles
  • release muscle tension
  • soften adhesions and reduce pain around scar tissue
  • increase lymphatic drainage with positive consequences on the immune system
  • helps fighting colds, asthma and bronchitis as it lows fluid build-up
  • it helps to reduce cellulite!

…it is important to know when you can’t do it, as

  • if you go open wounds
  • sunburn
  • skin rushes
  • high fever
  • recent trauma
  • severe inflammation
  • if you are pregnant DO NOT do it on low back or abdomen
  • if you are taking anticoagulants

…and after you session, please: keep yourself hydrated and R E L A X !

  • no exercise
  • no hot showers
  • no sauna or steam room