Self Care isn’t Selfish!
What is self care? Self care is simply taking care of yourself and being kind and compassionate to yourself. Yes it sounds so simple but it really is vital to our health and wellbeing (mind, body & spirit!). It’s even been proven to help prevent burnout, reduce the negative effects of stress and help you refocus.
Self care is as individualised as people are but a few ways to ensure you’re taking care of yourself are:
– Taking time to unplug from technology,
– Fuelling our bodies with nutritious food and exercise
– Getting enough sleep
– Making sure we prioritise ourselves by scheduling in some regular “me time” (go on! Book in that coffee date, hair appointment or facial treatment you’ve been meaning to – You deserve it!)
Now, I’m not saying you need a spa day every week (although hello, that would be AMAZING!) but even practicing small daily rituals like taking time out of your day to step away from the computer to eat your lunch or getting up 15 minutes early to practice some deep breathing exercises and drink a hot cuppa in peace. It can make a huge difference to your  mindset, energy and productivity.