Prenatal massage gives moms-to-be the ability to unwind and feel comforted during a period of physical and emotional stress. In addition to the overall sense of well-being, massage has a wide range of physical and psychological benefits.

A woman’s body changes during each stage of pregnancy, and those changes can induce aches, pains and other discomfort. A common issue related to spreading of the hips and additional weight pressing on the anterior joint is the inflammation of sciatic nerve. Massage therapy helps to unwind contracted ligaments and tendons as gently relax the muscle tension.

Prenatal massage with a certified therapist can be one of the most pleasurable experiences a mom-to-be can have while awaiting the birth of her child. We must keep in mind that women in their first trimester should talk with their doctor about having massage, and in most of the cases bring a written approval to their appointment. It is recommended to wait until the second trimester as the body needs to be stable and adapt to changes.

Massage can alleviate physical pain same as inner fears that pregnant women have relating to their bodies, bringing that essential emotional well-being. The perception of women’s body changes from the first week and acceptance and touch are essential to adapt to the new stage of their life. If done correctly, foot massage during pregnancy can bring psychological and physiological benefits to the mother and realises swelling, fluid retention.

And it is great for the baby too! Communication starts in the womb and it is essential for parents and new borns to feel the touch and get use to external stimulations in order to develop prompt and active motion response.

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Massage therapy increases the percentage of positive outcomes after a turbulent pregnancy and improves depression symptoms, giving the baby a better all over health and minimalizing post-delivery issues.

It is very common to experience emotional and physical fatigue for ew weeks after labour, and this is because the body is contracting all the muscles in order to create that “push”. Upper back, jaw, thighs, thumbs can feel tight and sore, this is where a good stretching and massage routine can improve mum’s general health and baby’s behaviour.